Pie Photos Series Carosel

Medium Format Architectural Film Series

This project began last fall when I started a digital photo series about what home meant to me and how it appeared in East Lansing, my home away from home while at college. A lot of these final photographs were homes that I passed on the daily that became my comfort area in East Lansing. The following spring, I expanded this project through my 4x5 film class into the diversity of different income classes of homes within the East Lansing and Lansing area as it varies extremely. After hearing comments on my photographs, a peer shared that these lower income homes and smaller dwellings are still home to those who live there. In particular she mentioned how one of the homes I photographed reminded her of her grandmother’s home from her childhood which felt like home to her. This comment touched me dearly, shifting the approach I took for the rest of the film photo series searching for the touches of home in all the different properties. I plan to expand this project outside of the East Lansing and Lansing area. Destinations of interest for me include more urban areas like Detroit, Baltimore, Boston and a variety of areas in New Jersey as the income bracket is extremely diverse.Another element of the series I would love to explore would be to create a photobook contrasting lifestyles and how home means different things for different people in all kinds of social classes, economic classes and geographical areas.

Medium Format Architectural Digital Series